Frequently asked questions

I purchased Bitcoin but it has not arrived to my wallet yet?

If you are using the BTM v1GB it gives you an option to select the transaction fee:
- High priority (normally transaction is confirmed within 30 min)
- Low priority (normally transaction is confirmed within 2 hours)
If you have not received your bitcoins it could be the case of selecting the Low priority service.
If you are using BATMThree M, the machine does not provide an option to choose the transaction fee and it will automaticaly send bitcoins at Low priority to minimise the overall fee for our customers.
Sometimes there is a technical issue with the machine. In this case contact the support number at the mahcine.

The machine does not read my QR code?

First make sure that you are not confusing BTC (bitcoin) wallets with BCH (bitcoin cash) because these are different currencies and the machine will not be able to read BCH addresses when trying to buy bitcoin.
When using BTM v1GB try keeping the QR code 10-15cm from the scanner.
When using BATMThree M try moving the QR code closer to the scanner or adjusting the position for better brightness.

Can I refund my bitcoins/cash?

Unfortunately no. Due to the nature of cryptocurrency the transactions are irreversible and cannot be turned back or refunded. In this case make sure that you have provided the correct address. All of our machines will show your address in text so you could check if it is correct before proceeding to the transaction.

I have sold my bitcoin at the machine but it does not dispense cash?

In order to withdraw cash at any of our machines you need to send the exact amount of bitcoins as it is specified on the receipt and you need to wait for two confirmations on the blockchain before you can withdraw.
If you are getting messages:
"Cryptoaddress not found" wait for two confirmations
"Not enough cash" call our support number provided at the machine and one of our technicians will come over to the fix the issue

I was told by HMRC/Home office/Dog seller/Rent to make a payment in Bitcoin?

It is a scam. None of the UK government institutions would ask you to make a payment in Bitcoins. Dog sellers and rent landlords would not ask for payment in bitcoins (unless you have a legaly binding contract). Make sure you are purchasing cryptocurrency for yourself or sending it to a person you know. Marshall ATM or Аstra Рау LTD will never ask you to make such sort of payments, we act as the supplier/facilitator of the service.

You require registration. Where do I register?

In order to use our network of Bitcoin ATMs you are required to register within our database to prevent criminal activity and money laundering.
You can register at . Before you register we strongly recommend watching the video tutorial on registration procedure, which can be found at In addition there is also a "Register" button which will divert you to the registration site after you finished watching the video.